I don't know how to describe this experience. It was a day I will never forget, and the memories are priceless. The weather was perfect; the food was delicious and plentiful; and Luke & Annie were just as sweet!

Annie admiring her beautiful wedding dress

The ceremony is the start of your wedding day.

it’s important that you feel confident and ready to begin.

The bride and groom stand up front as they are joined by their family members, who include parents and other guests. They then walk down the aisle to join them in front of everyone else at their ceremony location: Big Spring Farm, a Wedding venue like no other.

After exchanging vows with one another, they exchange rings before being pronounced husband and wife by clergy members present during this time. Once this part is done, guests can begin mingling with one another while enjoying refreshments provided by caterers hired specifically for this event!

Luke & Annie Wedding Photoshoot

They had a dance floor set up inside a beautiful barn  where they could all dance together. The bride and groom played it cool by sitting on chairs to watch everyone else dance around them. They got up once in a while too though—and then left again when no one else was watching! They didn't want anyone to see them getting excited about being married so many times already at this point...

It seemed like there were hundreds of people on the dance floor at any given time during this reception. Everyone was having fun dancing together so everyone had smiles on their faces most of the time."

Luke & Annie's wedding video is a must-see.

When Luke & Anne got married in Virginia, their wedding was a very special event. Millions K Productions was the videographer of the wedding; he did a great job capturing all the fun moments of the event. The reception lasted long; every guest was dancing and having fun while they enjoyed their time with the bride and groom. They danced first at the ceremony, it was really emotional when they saw each other for their first dance.

Bridal party of Luke & Annie's Wedding

Planning your wedding in Virginia ?

If you are looking to plan your wedding in Virginia, look no further than Million K Production. We're here to capture your beautiful wedding day and produce a video that will become a treasured keepsake of your big day. If you would like to see our work or have any questions, feel free to reach out anytime.