Anthony & Haley Emotional Wedding Day in Virginia

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Beautiful Drone view of the Wedding Venue for Anthony & Haley Wedding

The Wedding Day

This couple's wedding day was wonderful. It was such a pleasure to photograph them and their families in Virginia. The weather was beautiful, the grounds were gorgeous, and they had an amazing wedding party. I hope you enjoy this blog post!

Haley in her beautiful Wedding Dress


Haley's wedding dress was so beautiful, you could see it from across the room. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were all decked out in tuxes and other formal wear, while Haley kept it simple with a white gown. Her wedding flowers were colorful and bright—just like her personality!

It's always such a special moment when you get to see your bride and groom together for the first time before the ceremony. We love helping capture these moments and we're so happy Haley and Anthony wanted to share this with us!

First look at the bride and groom

The first look is a special moment between the bride and groom. It's their time to see each other before the wedding ceremony begins, so they can get to know each other better and have some alone time.

There are many emotions that go into this moment: excitement, nerves, excitement again...and maybe even tears! It's really important for both parties involved in this moment to be as relaxed as possible because it's easy for nerves or anxiety to make things awkward when talking with someone you're meeting for the first time in person like that (especially if you're nervous yourself).

Wedding party with the Bride

On our way to the reception

The bride and groom are the first to be introduced.The bride is escorted by her father to the front of the room of Holy Comforter Catholic Church, where he stands with his back to us as they approach.

Wedding party with the Groom

As the ceremony drew to a close, we made our way back down to the limo van heading to the wedding venue for the reception. The groom held out his hand for his bride, who walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

The party continued with many laughs and good times as they both danced along with their closest friends and family members who were there to celebrate them as they began their life together.

Wedding party with the Bride and Groom

Golden hour photos of Anthony & Haley

The wedding party was a huge part of the day. It was important for the bride and groom to have their friends and family there with them, to celebrate their love for each other and share in their happiness.

The bride and groom walked down the aisle arm-in-arm as they held hands with their parents, siblings and bridesmaids/groomsmen.


After the ceremony, we moved to the gorgeous wedding venue.The bride and groom got ready in separate changing rooms with their families while I set up my lights and decorations.

The couple looked stunning in their wedding attire: Haley wore a white gown with lace accents down each side while Anthony wore a black suit with matching fedora hat (which he later took off after photos were taken). Both of them looked incredible together; they met each other during high school but didn't start dating until college when they started spending time together outside class all day long instead of just studying together! It's been great seeing how much these two love each other despite being so different from one another."

Cocktail hour

Makorov joining the fun by taking pictures with the bridal party

Cocktail hour is the time between your ceremony and reception. It’s a great opportunity for guests to mingle and enjoy appetizers before they head over to the reception venue. The bride and groom will greet their friends, family, and other attendees as they arrive at cocktail hour; however, it is important that this time be used wisely so as not to waste money on food or drinks that aren’t going down well with guests!

This is also an excellent way for you as a couple to get acquainted with each other again after being apart for so long (especially since your wedding day was spent getting ready!). We recommend taking advantage of this opportunity by spending some quality time together before walking down the aisle in front of everyone else!

This couple's wedding day was wonderful.

The bride and groom were very happy. Their guests were very happy. The bride's family and friends were very happy, as well as their parents, who had come from far away for the wedding. It was a beautiful day for everyone involved, who got to celebrate together in Virginia.

This couple's wedding day was wonderful. They were married in a beautiful venue with great views of the Virginia Mountains. The weather was perfect and the reception was amazing! The bride and groom had a real sense of style and taste that matched perfectly with their wedding day theme which centered around water and oceans.

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