Jordan & Yanna Wedding Day

The day started out with the couple getting ready in their home. They were then taken to the venue for their ceremony, where they were greeted by their friends and family members who had come from all over the country.

Everyone having fun in the bride's room.

You're a guest at your best friend's wedding, so why not enjoy the moment? The bride is getting ready with her bridesmaids and getting her hair done, putting on makeup and even putting on her dress while they chat with each other. We hope that you enjoyed all of this as much as we did!

When it was time for the ceremony to begin, we couldn't wait for our first look at Jordan & Yanna (and I'll never forget how excited he looked)! We snapped some pictures before heading out into the reception hall where everyone was waiting for their turn to say "I do."

The wedding day was an absolutely beautiful event. The weather was perfect and the sun shone brightly through the clouds, making it feel like you were in your own little world. We had a great time filming the couple exchanging rings.

Yanna & Jordan Wedding Day

They also got to see some of their friends that they hadn't seen since high school! It must be  so nice to catch up with them all again after being apart for so long.

Afterward, Jordan & Yanna enjoyed some time dancing with their guests before heading back for the cake cutting and then closing remarks from both families.

The groom and groomsmen are looking sharp.

The groom and groomsmen are looking sharp. With a suit and tie. The groomsmen wear suits as well, but their colors are similar from each other.

Best Man giving a heartwarming speech about how he met the groom and how they became best friends through the years. Everyone laughing and sharing memories along with him. Guest are very touched by his speech, you can see it in their faces of warmth, love and tears of joy and happiness for the couple on their special day!

The girls just loves the bridesmaid dresses.

The girls just loves the bridesmaid dresses. They are so cute, colorful, beautiful and stylish. The bridesmaids are unique in their own way and it's nice to see that they all look different from one another but the same at the same time!

The theme of this wedding was "Earthy & Chocolate" which perfectly match the bride's dress! And I think that these dresses were perfect for this occasion because they were both fashionable as well as chic.

Makorov couldn't resist taking selfies with the Beautiful Newlyweds.

Just a perfect wedding dress.

When you think of a wedding dress, what comes to mind? Probably something white, right? The color of purity and innocence. But there's more to this symbol than meets the eye: it can be long or short, strapless or with sleeves (and even adorned with lace!). It should also be made from silk or satin—it's these fabrics that give your wedding gown its distinctively elegant appearance.

This wedding dress is simply beautiful.

The bride's dress is simply beautiful. It's a classic style and color, with flowers & petals elegant lace overlay at the neckline and sleeves.

The groom's suit is handsome too! It's not flashy or busy like many men tend to wear nowadays; instead his clothes are simple but smartly tailored with classic details such as lapels on jackets rather than buttons or zippers which blend right in with today's fashion trends while still maintaining traditional values like style & classiness!

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