Congratulations to Erinn and James! Most Romantic Wedding in Virginia

Erinn and James are two of the sweetest, most beautiful people I've ever met.

On Erinn and James’s wedding day, they were two of the sweetest, most beautiful people I’ve ever met. They really don’t get much cuter than these two! I couldn’t resist capturing each genuine romantic moments for these lovely two.

Erinn in her beautiful Wedding Dress, surrounded by love ones

They really don't get much cuter than these two. Their love for each other is so obvious, and they look like they were made for each other!

It has such a romantic ambiance and great light all year long! The bridesmaids' dresses were so pretty, it looked like florals!

The groom had his groomsmen wear matching ties which matched his mother's dress perfectly! She was also wearing an amazing pair of earrings that matched her daughter-in-law to be's bouquet too !

These two were SO happy on their day, as well as every moment leading up to it too :) They. started off by walking down from the hotel to the Limo van while holding onto the wedding bouquet, heading to the church where they will be reading each other's vows.

Their First Look

The first look with the couple on their wedding day is a moment filled with excitement and anticipation. The groom will see his bride for the first time in her dress, and she'll get to see her groom in his suit for the first time. It's truly a special moment for both Erinn & James.

Erinn reading her vows to James - First Look

For this couple, it was extra special because of the long time they've planned their special day. They had been dating for years, so when they finally got engaged and started planning the wedding, they knew they wanted to do something special—and that's where the first look came in!

The bride wore a white dress, while the groom wore a light grey suit with black buttons and a red jacket . They met up at sunset at the back of the church where they read their personal vows to one another, before heading off to the ceremony together hand-in-hand. I couldn't resist capturing a them exchanging meaning words, it was a magical & emotional moment for these lovely two!

The wedding day is filled with so many special moments and one of the most important things you can do, is to hire professional like us to capturing all those moments. What better way to do this than by having us film your entire Wedding Day. Their wedding video will be so romantic and full of love .

I am so thankful that I got to be a part of their special day, and I'm honored that they trust me with the responsibility of taking care of their wedding photos & videos. They are two of the sweetest and most beautiful people I've ever met, and it was such an honor to be able to share this day with them. Their vows were so special; I'm so thankful that my voice can be lifted in prayer for them.

Wedding Ceremony

Their wedding ceremony happened in a church, where they were wed by a priest, who was a family member of the couple, they've exchanged rings. It was a beautiful day for a wedding.

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and all the guests were happy to be there.The bride and groom were standing in front of the altar, surrounded by their loved ones. The wedding ceremony was about to begin.

Erinn & James First kiss

Their ceremony took place at the local church, where Erinn's father gave her away before she walked down the aisle with her father. The bride looked absolutely stunning in her white dress with long tail and a lace bodice, which she accessorized with beautiful earrings. She wore her hair up in an elegant veil with loose curls falling on either side of her face.

The wedding ceremony began with a procession of the bride, groom and their bridal party. The happy couple was accompanied by their parents and attendants, who walked them down the aisle in a traditional manner. Erinn looked radiant in her white gown, and James looked dashing in his grey tuxedo.

Their wedding ceremony was followed by traditional mass, under the watchful eyes of their loved ones and friends who had gathered for this very special occasion. The exchange of rings at this time symbolized their commitment to one another for eternity.

Wedding Reception, Party Time

Erinn and James's wedding reception was a blast! Everyone had a great time, and the couple's friends and family were all in high spirits. There was a lot of cheering and dancing, and even some impromptu performances by some of the guests. The cake was beautiful, too—Erinn and James loved it!

Cake cutting, moment of joy & happiness for the newlyweds

The couple had so much fun celebrating their special day together with all of their loved ones. They were really happy that everyone got to share in their joy on such a beautiful day.

Erinn and James' first dance at their wedding was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. We had so much fun at your wedding, Erinn & James. You guys are such a sweet couple!

We hope you love this video of your first dance as husband and wife. We also captured some great moments with your parents, which we thought you might enjoy.

Thanks again for letting us be a part of your special day!

Newlyweds SendOff

The bride and groom are on their way! The wedding is over, but the party isn't.

As Erinn & James exit the reception,  greeted with cheers and hugs from friends and family members. They've been waiting all night for this moment to happen—and now it's finally here!

It feel like a million bucks as they walk down the exit aisle with your new spouse by her side. They're so grateful for everyone who came out tonight to celebrate with them, and they can't wait to show them some love at the afterparty later on.

Erinn & James are perfect for each other, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for them. They were such an inspiration to me as I was planning my own wedding last year. It's so amazing seeing two people so in love with one another that they're willing to take this huge step into marriage!

James & Erinn Wedding Send off

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