Congratulations to Rachel & Dustin - Most Beautiful Newlyweds at Catholic Church in Roanoke, Virginia

We had the pleasure of filming Rachel & Dustin's wedding. They were married at St. Andrews Catholic Church in Roanoke, VA and their reception was at The Hall at Lakeway Country Club. It was so beautiful!! You could tell that they were having a blast with all their guest and family members there to celebrate such a special day!

Drone view of St. Andrew's Catholic Church in Roanoke

Preparing for the wedding

The bride Rachel and groom Dustin were very happy. The ceremony was held in the Catholic Church,It was a beautiful place for the couple to exchange their vows with their family and friends surrounding them.  St. Andrews Catholic Church is a beautiful Church in Roanoke. It is an amazing place to get married, and you would be lucky to have that special day here. The church is spacious, with lots of room for your guests, as well as a beautiful view of the Virginia mountains surrounding it.

The Bride Rachel in a beautiful Wedding Dress

If you want to get married at that church, there are many places around it where you can take pictures on your wedding day. There’s also plenty of parking available for all your guests if they’re driving there by car.

Bridal party getting ready

The day started with a lot of fun and excitement. The bride, Rachel, was getting ready at her AirBnB while the bridesmaids were having fun getting their makeup and hair done. The groom, Dustin, was also at his house getting ready for the big day. Cole was so happy to see his dad in the same color tuxedo. He kept staring at him and even ran over to hug him. “I love you, Dad!” he said as they hugged. Cole was one happy boy with his father by his side on this special day! It really seemed like they were having a great time before the wedding ceremony starts.

Rachel and her bridal party

The morning started with a lot of fun and excitement. There was so much laughter, as you can see from the photos. The bride was beautiful, and her dress was stunning as well. You could tell she was very happy! She had a beautiful white dress on, and her face looked so gorgeous that even the sun became jealous of her beauty at that moment! The groom had a beautiful light beige  tuxedo on; it looked so sharp that it made him look even more handsome !

The couple's wedding party consisted their most important family member and best friend who stayed with them throughout the entire event.

The Wedding Ceremony

You could feel the excitement inside the church. Everyone was waiting for the ceremony to start. The bride would soon walk down the aisle and meet her groom at their altar where they would be joined together as husband and wife. The guest waited anxiously for Rachel to make her appearance.

Dustin & Rachel holding hands at their Wedding Ceremony

When we arrived at St. Andrews Catholic Church, the priest was already there and the guest were finding the best seat to see the magic.

Rachel's parent walked her down the aisle. It was a beautiful ceremony, with lots of love in the air for these two amazing people! The priest was very friendly and funny. He made the couple laugh which helped break the tension of getting married for the first time in front of all your family and friends.

During the ceremony, the guests were respectful and quiet throughout, the bride and groom were sitting down on the pews next to each other, holding hands during mass. The guest were looking at them and smiling as they walked down the aisle together. It really was like a dream come true for Rachel & Dustin because they looked so happy during their vows. The couple couldn't stop looking at one another throughout the whole ceremony.

As Rachel and Dustin exchanged vows, all of their guests were moved by the couple's love for each other. Many even cried at the ceremony! One guest said, "They are so happy and I haven't seen this much love in a long time." Another said, "I think they are perfect together."

When they said I do all the guest cheered !

When they said I do all the guest cheered! The bride and groom were happy, their families were happy, their photographer was happy and the videographer was so excited to capture this special moment. The priest was thrilled too! After the ceremony we went inside the church for the formal Family pictures where all her friends & family from around the world who had flown in for our special day.

Rachel & Dustin saying " I DO " to each other

Our videographer had a good time filming their wedding ceremony

We had a great time filming this wedding. The bride and groom were so happy, and the guests were happy too. The ceremony was beautiful, with beautiful chruch decor . We saw some amazing sparklers being thrown into the air at the send off! It's always fun to see how much energy people have when they're celebrating love, especially because it reminds us how magical weddings can be!

Areal view of Rachel & Dustin taking pictures in front of St. Andrew's Catholic Church

The Wedding Reception

Congratulations toThe Dennys

The reception was at Valhalla Vineyard, which is the nicest venue around. They have a beautiful lawn overlooking their vineyard with a gazebo and gardens right next to it. The reception area inside has high ceilings with wooden beams throughout, lots of windows and an open floor plan so you can see everything going on from anywhere in the room. There are also two outdoor areas for more space if needed!

Rachel & Dustin taking picture with their son Cole at the reception venue

The guests all said they had such a great time dancing, eating, drinking and mingling with everyone from all over, who had come to celebrate Rachel & Dustin's wedding day! The DJ ( did an amazing job keeping people on the dance floor all night long playing songs from today as well as some throwbacks too!

Their first dance as Mr & Mrs Denny

Rachel & Cole happily dancing

Their first dance was just perfect. They were dancing like they were the only ones in the room, and this song was so romantic. It's a beautiful song, but it seemed to fit their love perfectly. As I'm filming them dancing, I really didn't notice anything else going on around me until after they finished dancing; we all clapped and cheered for them while they made their way back up to their seats at the head table.

The whole wedding dance was amazing! It started out with Rachel's mother dancing with her daughter then Dustin' mom dancing with her son, then everyone took their seats for more amazing speeches by friends and family members...

Rachel & Dustin enjoying some quality time

Guests danced under twinkling lights strung across trees and sang along to popular songs played by the DJ. When it came time for send offs, sparklers decorated the night sky as everyone waved goodbye to the bride and groom who were whisked away in a ambiance filled with love.

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The day was perfect and we really enjoyed filming it at every moment.

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Rachel & Dustin beautiful sparklers send off