A Stunning Indoor Wedding in Powhatan Banquet Hall

The wedding day began at 2:30 pm with Cherish slipping into her exquisite black dress, while Andrew, accompanied by his groomsmen, eagerly awaited the highly anticipated first look. The banquet hall, adorned with black, red, and gold accents, set the stage for an unforgettable indoor wedding ceremony.

Cherish & her bridesmaids getting ready picture before the ceremony Photo Credit @Makorov

A Ceremony Filled with Love and Joy

As Cherish's father walked her down the aisle, the room buzzed with excitement and love. The couple exchanged traditional vows and rings in a short and sweet ceremony, culminating in their joyful first kiss as husband and wife. The hall erupted with cheers as the newlyweds began their life together.

Andrew & Cherish beautiful Wedding Ceremony - Photo by Makorov

Timeless Moments Immortalized by Makorov, Million K Production's Talented Photographer

Following the ceremony, Cherish and Andrew took stunning pictures with Makorov, capturing the essence of their love and the elegance of their wedding theme. The couple's rings, complemented by the black and red flowers, added a touch of glamour to the memorable occasion.

Cherish & Andrew hand pose of their Wedding rings - Photo by Makorov

A Reception Filled with Fun, Laughter, and Romance

During the cocktail hour, guests mingled and enjoyed themselves in the beautifully decorated reception area. The couple's first dance was nothing short of magical, as Makorov masterfully captured the tender, romantic moments. The unique cheese wedding cake, a testament to the couple's love for one another, brought joy and laughter as they cut through it together.

The Amazing Wedding Cake - Photo by Makorov

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Cherish & Andrew kissing for the Photo Session with Million K Production

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