Austin & Lucy Most beautiful Wedding Day at Lake Ritchie Pavilion, Virginia, USA

The couple's story

Austin rescued a dog (Gordon) and Lucy & her sister came to visit to help take care of the dog, that was Austin & Lucy’s first time they really spent together. Austin had been rooming with Lucy’s sister’s fiancé. Austin is from Virginia Beach, Lucy is from Culpeper.

Lucy & Austin holding hands

It was a beautiful sunny summer's day when Lucy and Austin got married in the little town of Lake Ritchie Pavilion, Virginia, USA

The ceremony started at 4:30pm sharp and continued until 5:30pm. The venue had an amazing view of the lake on one side and mountains on another side.

The weather conditions were perfect for this wedding as it was a hot summer day with no rain and just enough wind to keep the guest refreshed!

The wedding day was perfect from start to finish. Our couple looked stunning and we loved every moment of capturing their special day. They both had such a strong desire to make this relationship work because they knew that there was something special between them from day one.

There were around 150 guests who attended this wedding ceremony including family members from both sides Lucy's parents, friends from work place as well as colleagues from university days past times together back then but most importantly .......

They were surrounded by their close family and friends at their wedding, which was an intimate and emotional ceremony. It was a beautiful sunny summer's day when Lucy and Austin got married.

The venue had been decorated with flowers and the couple's wedding rings were carried by their dog Gordon, who carefully carry them out to the couple after they exchanged vows.

The ceremony was conducted in front of an altar decorated with flowers in pastel shades of white, green and turquoise.

It was a great day to be outside and it meant more emotional vows and more meaningful moments. Austin & Lucy are such an amazing match and have such a wonderful dynamic together, which I really enjoyed being

able to capture. Perfect for their Wedding photoshoot session. Feel free to watch their amazing Wedding Film.

The Wedding Reception

The best thing about this part of your wedding is that you get to decide what kind of dance you want to do, and how long it will last. You could even use your dances as a way to introduce key people in your lives who aren't usually involved in the ceremony itself, like grandparents or godparents.

This can be a really fun way for people who don't know each other well enough yet meet each other! Now it's time to cut the cake, but first let's learn about how to cut a Wedding Cake.

How to Cut a Wedding Cake ?

Even if you think you're a pro at cutting sweets—whether at birthday parties or other in-home entertaining—ask your cake baker or caterer for instructions before making the first cut. You wouldn't want to place the knife in the wrong spot and cause the delicate tower to topple over.

  1. We recommend a wedding cake knife set for your first slice so you can make a quick and clean cut. If you don't have one, use a large professional-grade knife from your venue or caterer.
  2. With your spouse, position yourselves so one of you is standing closest to the cake and holding the knife with your dominant hand while the other stands behind, placing their hand on top.
  3. Using the knife, cut an inch into the bottom tier of the cake. Try to avoid making a sawing motion because it will cause the cake to crumble. By cutting at the bottom tier, you'll have more stability and it's easier to save the top tier of the cake to eat for your first anniversary if you'd like.
  4. If you want a square-shaped piece, make another slice parallel to the first one you made about one to two inches over. If you want a wedge-shaped piece, make two diagonal cuts into the cake. How big or small you want your piece is up to you—just remember that you want at least two bites worth of cake for you and your partner.
  5. Finally, slide your server under the piece of cake and gently place it on a plate.

Once the initial piece is cut, the newlyweds usually feed each other the first slice, symbolizing their commitment to providing for one another. In some cases, this moment is replaced by a different tradition: smashing cake into each other's faces.

How you feed each other the cake is up to you, but remember, you don't need to smear frosting on your new spouse simply because you think your guests expect it.  

Either way, ask your wedding planner or caterer to have napkins (or even better, a warm, damp cloth) nearby to wipe up any rogue crumbs and frosting quickly.

Austin & Lucy Wedding Exit

Austin & Lucy

After a long night of fun and dancing, all the guests lined up for Austin & Lucy beautiful Wedding exit. As This was a beautiful wedding and we had such a great time capturing the day.

It was a fun experience and we were so glad that we could be there to capture this special moment for them. It is always nice when you see couples who have been together for years get married because they know what they are getting into.

Marriage is not easy but if you love someone enough then it will work out one way or another

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